What to Expect


When you arrive at FBCA for our 10:00am Sunday Worship Service, you can use the main entrance.  

At the front door, there will be some friendly people (we call them "greeters") to say hello, answer any questions you have, and direct you to the Worship Center.  If you have kids, they can point you to the Children's area.  If your kids are shy, they're welcome to attend the adult service with you, but most kids really enjoy the kids' programs for infants through 6th grade.  Young people grades 7th - 12th will enjoy their own class in our Route 66 Diner!


We encourage you to come as you are.  The people you see on any given Sunday at FBA will be dressed in everything from T-shirt, jeans or skirt, to shirt & tie and a dress.    Members usually spend a few minutes before and after services to greet each other.  Our church staff and volunteers are very helpful and easy to identify, so feel comfortable introducing yourself to our staff and they will help you find your way.



When you enter through the main doors, you'll be given a guest card to fill out.  When our ushers collect the offering, we do not expect our guests to give, but you may place your "Guest Card" into the basket, or hand it back to the greeter.  This will help us send information to you if you request it.    


The service usually begins with some upbeat music.  The words are projected in the front of the Worship Center on a screen.  We hope you will join in as we have about 10 minutes of Worship in music.  After the Music portion, we will pray and leave the worship center for about 30-40 minutes for our "LIVING LIFE" class.  In Living Life class we will have some coffee, cola, donuts, or fruit, and enjoy a  lesson that is helpful in finding God's will for our everyday life. 

Then we all gaither in the worship center again for worship through singing, prayer and special songs, this will be about 15 minutes. Your children will be brought back to you during this part of worship.  

Then Pastor will preach the word of God, he tries to make each message something you can actually use and that makes sense to what you're actually going through in life.  The message will always be based on the Bible, and verses will be projected on the screen throughout the message.

The entire service (music, lesson, prayer & sermon) will last approximately 2 hours.  



After the service, we hope you'll stay around and meet some more of our church family.  Church is about God and worship, but it's also about community and friendship, so we hope people really experience warmth and friendliness at First Bible Church Apostolics.

If you don't have a church home, we hope you'll stop by this Sunday.  Please come and say hi, and tell us that you found out about FBCA on the internet.


Thanks for your interest!


  January 2020  
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